3 piece Eco Glitter Kit #2 Biodegradable,Cruelty free, Vegan


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Glitter in style with this 3 piece Vegan Cruelty free, Biodegradable eco glitter kit – Tuttifrutti, Rosa Uber Disco Ball, Aqua Uber Disco Bal. .All weights approximate. Boxed sky set of biodegradable glitter comes neatly packaged in a recycled cardboard box and includes; océan standard, disco ball, golden disco ball, violetta fine, aqua uber disco ball and merman blend our glitter application organic aloe vera gel and bamboo brush. 6 x 3.5g bottles of biodegradable glitter in the following sizes: Fine (150 micron/.006” hex)Standard (200 micron/.008” hex) Chunky (375 micron/.015” hex) Super chunky (1000 micron/.040” hex) This can be used for application on your face and body. All our biodegradable glitter comes in glass bottles. All packaging is made from recycled cardboard, shredded newspaper and paper packing tape. All our sets come with organic 10ml pot of aloe vera gel.  Aloe vera gel – Due to the nature of this product it is non returnable. Best Before 1 year from purchase. Minimum amount of plastic is used.   We strongly believe that we need to protect our precious earth from further damage and do everything we can to reverse the harm that 100 years of plastic has created. We hope you use our glitter to help educate people on how to reduce their plastic consumption.  Our eco glitter is made from a biodegradable cellulose film. This means that once its in the natural environment, microbes consume it, causing no harm to Mother Earth.

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