African Bolgatanga Baskets

African Bolgatanga Baskets are handcrafted in the villages surrounding the town of Bolgatanga in Northern Ghana.  This region is famous for its super-strong desert grass and leatherworking.  It is the centre of Ghanaian basket-making.  The villagers make baskets when they’re not growing crops or tending their herds.  The baskets have become an essential source of income.

Woven using grass and recycled plastic African Bolgatanga Baskets can be used for many purposes. For example, they are popular as shopping baskets, storage for household bits and pieces, or for display.

Each basket is made and designed by a single craftsperson. Both men and women take part in the making. As a result, each basket has its own particular meaning that reflects something of the people, place, and environment it has been made.


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